A Detailed Look Into the Biggest Casino Bonuses

A Detailed Look Into the Biggest Casino Bonuses

Conventional wisdom says that bigger is always better. This logic seems to hold true in online casinos too, but only to those who are viewing things without taking a deeper dive into bonus terms.

Many gamblers may be hunting for the biggest casino bonus, but sometimes, the biggest number may entice them into using a bonus that may not have that many perks. What’s more, a smaller bonus may turn out to be a more realistic catch.

Below we’ll explore a few key factors that should be considered when evaluating whether the massive casino bonus is truly worth it or whether it would be more reasonable to activate a smaller one.

Percentage vs Amount

The number one reason players may be confused by bonuses is the relationship between the bonus percentage and the actual amount. 

Deposit bonuses are usually displayed with their percentage and dollar amount, e.g. 200% casino bonus up to 500 dollars. That percentage is the key to understanding the realistic size of the bonus. Players can only receive a bonus up to the offered percentage, but the dollar amount depends on their deposit. The bonus may offer 2,000 dollars, but that doesn’t mean the player will get 2000 dollars after placing a 100-dollar deposit. If depositing 100 dollars on a 200% deposit bonus, the result is a 200-dollar bonus. The only way to get a 2,000-dollar casino bonus would be to deposit 1,000 dollars (as the bonus comes with a 200% increase).

This is a tricky situation that may entice players to deposit money, only for them to later understand they won’t receive such a huge amount without equally depositing a similar amount. The casino’s welcome package may offer 2,000 dollars, but realistically, an average gambler won’t be able to redeem that amount. That’s why it’s essential for players to dive deeper into bonus terms to actually understand the value behind the promotion.

Deposit Size

As we mentioned, the actual size of the casino bonus is largely correlated with the size of the deposit. The bigger the deposit, the bigger the bonus (up to the maximum bonus amount granted by the casino).

New players may assume they only need a minimum deposit to release the bonus, but the opposite is true. A 10-20-dollar deposit may only unlock a similar-sized bonus, not a 100-200-dollar casino bonus. This makes the size of the initial deposit especially important since it’s the underlying condition for unlocking a properly sized casino bonus.

Of course, this also creates a complicated situation for those looking to activate the biggest casino bonuses. Big bonuses are only reserved for those making big deposits – that’s something gamblers need to remember. 

At the same time, it’s crucial to keep deposits reasonable and never go overboard. No matter how tempting a big casino bonus may be, every gambler should always deposit only such amounts that match with their monthly budgets.

Wagering Requirements

Perhaps the most complicated part of redeeming any casino bonus involves wagering requirements. As the casino bonus increases, so does the amount of money that’s needed to wager through the bonus. Some casino bonuses may come with 30-40x wagering requirements, but if the received bonus was big, it’s only that much harder to successfully fulfill the playthrough condition.

Let’s imagine a 1,000-dollar bonus with a 40x wagering requirement. This means the player must play through 40,000 dollars before the deposit bonus can be unlocked. While a big casino bonus sounds fun in theory, in practice it becomes tough for a regular player to wager through. 

At the same time, a 100-dollar bonus with a 40x playthrough condition may be feasible, meaning that the player will realistically get to redeem the bonus, not just look at their bonus balance with a hopeful glance.

Naturally, bonuses without wagering requirements would be ideal, but bigger casino bonuses tend to have rather high requirements, so that’s another theory that won’t probably come to life. This makes it even more important to read through conditions and ensure the chosen casino bonus has wagering requirements that can be realistically met by the player.


It’s easy to become starstruck when seeing a 200% or 500% bonus that may reach up to thousands of dollars. Understandably, no casino offers newly registered players thousands of dollars upon a 10-dollar deposit. There are always certain rules and restrictions to consider and when taking the wagering requirement into account, the seemingly big bonus may turn out to be far less valuable than expected.

Players should always read bonus terms and conditions carefully to determine whether the offered promotion is truly as great as they expected. Sometimes, the truth between the fine lines may reveal the opposite.

Author: Alan Morris