Australian Gambling Insights for Newbies

Australian Gambling Insights for Newbies

If you are new to gambling, there are many things that you should consider; more so if you are located in Australia. In this country, gambling is considered as one activity that many natives do during their free time. Although there are several locals who spend more time on it, you still have to learn the ropes.

To many, gambling is a pastime, but others consider it as a way to earn money. Either way, there is money at stake, and the risk is still the same. You win some, and lose a lot; well, most of the time. However, it all depends on you as the one who holds the money if you want to go on and on.

Gambling statistics in Australia

This country has an estimated 80% of gambling adults, making it rank as one of the highest in the world back in 2007. Adult population of around 4% play pokies once every week. This accounts to around 62% of the country’s annual gambling spend. However, this statistics does not stop there.

Authorities found out that gambling is now a public health issue. Worthy of attention is the estimation of 0.5% to 1% of the total adult population that highly favours gambling. These are the ones who are experiencing severe forms of health issues. On the other hand, adults who are developing moderate health risks are around 1.4% to 2.1%.

NSW had an approximate number of 95,800 pokies in 2014, placing second fiddle to Nevada with gambling machines totalling to 181,109. Now, you can just think of how many they have in 2023. Stakes are high and people love every minute of each experience.

Aside from horse racing, the country’s gambling denizens are also fond of the lottery. By now, people are slowly edging towards the online betting platforms. It is because they do not have to go out to buy lottery tickets. There is no need to scorch themselves under the sun like in the days of yore.

Who regulates gambling in Australia?

Ever since the skyrocket fame of online gambling, the Commonwealth is quick to take on more active roles in regulating gambling of any form. Nevertheless, the gambling industry in this country is regulated by Territory and State authorities. Therefore, territories and states are under the reins of different authorities.

Starting a gambling journey is good if you have someone who is already an expert when it comes to local regulations. After that, ask to be taught the mechanics of games that you want to bet on. You can also request new friends or those of family members’ to remind you when to stop.

Regulators by Australian Locations

Here are the different authorities that regulate gambling in Australia that you should be aware of:

Is there a self-regulatory government initiative?

On August 21, 2023, the Australian government created an initiative called BetStop. The Australian Communications and Media Authority helped introduce it to the betting public. This National Self-Exclusion Register allows holders of Medicare cards or Australian Driver’s licences to be excluded from online Australian casinos and phone betting services.

Once your name is on this register, any phone or online gambling services to place a bet. This is for those who do not want to gamble. But for you, who is raring to go and try some pokies, you may opt not to be on this list. One of the reasons for creating this initiative is for those who are not really into any kind of game.

How to choose the right casino

While there are casinos that are shady, there are also several who can be a part of your journey throughout the years. There are casino sites like these that can be your best buddy in times when you are not doing anything and trying to beat boredom.

You may ask around for the one that pays huge and has more game options. If you don’t have anybody around to tell you which one to choose, open a browser and start searching. For sure, the one that is better has many good reviews.

Also, check the website if it displays an award or certification, or a licence perhaps. Those are the ones that can vouch for an online casino’s credibility. Once you see one, register and join!

Author: Alan Morris