Betting On Colorado Takes Spotlight At Online Sportsbooks

Deion and Shedeur Sanders walking together

Deion and Shedeur Sanders walking together

Tomorrow at noon in Boulder, the question is not whether the Colorado Buffaloes will rise to 3-0 and defeat the Colorado State Rams. What’s being asked at online college football betting sites is how much they’ll win by.

Current Colorado vs. CSU betting lines favor the Buffaloes to win big on Saturday, topping their cross-state rival by over three touchdowns.

Colorado State vs. Colorado Betting Line

Rams Point Spread: +23.5
Rams Moneyline: +1000
Buffaloes Point Spread: -23.5
Buffaloes Moneyline: -2500
Over/Under: 61.5
Final Score Projection: Colorado 42, Colorado State 19

What’s undeniable is the allure of Colorado head coach Deion Sanders. His presence on the Buffaloes’ sidelines has not just drawn the attention of the national media, but it has also created a buzz at online sports betting sites.

One of our preferred sportsbooks, BetOnline, has dedicated a section to betting on the Colorado Buffaloes. Usually, prop bets like these would be relegated to the prop builder apps.

Colorado gets special treatment, and they deserve it. The CO vs. Nebraska game last weekend took in more wagers than any single NFL game at domestic operator BetMGM.


Shedeur Sanders Passing TDs vs. Colorado State

Over 2.5 Passing TDs -200
Under 2.5 Passing TDs +160

Shedeur Sanders Passing Yards vs. Colorado State

Over 329.5 Pass Yards -120
Under 329.5 Pass Yards -110

Travis Hunter Receptions vs. Colorado State

Over 5.5 Receptions -115
Under 5.5 Receptions -115

Travis Hunter Receiving Yards vs. Colorado State

Over 74.5 Receiving Yards -115
Under 74.5 Receiving Yards -115

What Will Deion Sanders say first during the halftime interview vs. CSU?

Offense +175
Defense +200
God Bless +225
Prime +400

Will Hunter/Weaver both have 100+ Rec yards vs. CSU?

Will Shedeur Sanders Throw An Interception vs. Colorado State?

Will the fans storm the field vs. Colorado State?

Xavier Weaver Receiving Yards vs. Colorado State

Under 95.5 Receiving Yards -130
Over 95.5 Receiving Yards +100

Xavier Weaver Receptions vs. Colorado State

Over 6.5 Receptions -115
Under 6.5 Receptions -115

Due to the early success of Colorado and the impressive stat totals that QB Shedeur Sanders has accumulated through three games, oddsmakers are forecasting his potential to win the Heisman Trophy.

Will Shedeur Sanders be a Heisman Finalist this Season

Normally, online sportsbooks create Heisman odds that simply list all potential candidates. In this case, Sanders has his own prop, but it does suggest that he will not be a finalist this December.

If you believe that the Buffaloes have the makings of a Pac-12 champion, the time to bet is now. Colorado’s odds of winning the Pac-12 have sunk by the week.  If they manage to beat Oregon on September 23rd, their Pac-12 odds will place them near the top.

CO finishing position in Pac-12

4th Position +200
5th Position +200
6th Position +550
3rd Position +750
7th Position +800
2nd Position +900
8th Position +900
9th Position +1100
10th Position +1600
1st Position +1800
11th Position +2800
12th Position +3300

2023 Pac-12 Championship Game Winner

USC +200
Oregon +325
Washington +325
Utah +550
Oregon State +700
UCLA +1800
Colorado +1800
Washington State +3000
California +10000
Arizona +10000
Stanford +25000

College Football Playoffs betting sites believe that the freight engine that is the Colorado Buffaloes will derail soon. They’re currently ranked 18th, but the following lines suggest they’ll be unraked at the end of the regular season.

Final CFP Ranking Position for Colorado Buffaloes

Over 24.5 Ranking Position -160
Under 24.5 Ranking Position +120

Final CFP Ranking Position for Colorado Buffaloes

Not ranked -140
16th to 25th Positions +250
11th to 15th Positions +350
6th to 10th Positions +700
2nd to 5th Positions +1200
1st Position +6600


Author: Alan Morris