Can Cody Top The Bloodline?

Cody Rhodes celebrating at WrestleMania

Cody Rhodes celebrating at WrestleMania

WrestleMania XL Day I Begins Saturday At 7 PM
Day 2 Of WrestleMania 40 Begins Sunday At 7 PM
WrestleMania Odds Favor Cody Rhodes To Beat Roman Reigns

For the second WrestleMania in as many years, Cody Rhodes will face Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt. Last year’s Hollywood WrestleMania felt like the right time for Cody to ascend to the top of the WWE ranks, but the bookers had other ideas.

In 2023, the odds for betting on pro wrestling favored Cody for the win, but match interference by other members of the Bloodline foiled any plans for a Rhodes championship run.

This weekend, online sportsbooks are once again projecting that Rhodes will defeat Reigns and win the belt that his daddy (the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes) never could.

Nearly across the board, entertainment betting sites have created WWE odds for WrestleMania 40. Some online sportsbooks that normally don’t partake in this genre have opted in this year.

Here are the Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns odds posted at four of our top online betting sites this morning.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Odds

Cody Rhodes -500
Roman Reigns +300
WrestleMania Odds Available At Bovada (Bovada Review)

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Betting Line

Cody Rhodes -400
Roman Reigns (c) +250
WrestleMania Odds Available At BetOnline (BetOnline Review)


Cody Rhodes -400
Roman Reigns +250
WrestleMania 40 Odds Available At BetUS (BetUS Review)

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match Winner

Cody Rhodes -400
Roman Reigns +250
WrestleMania XL Odds Available At MyBookie (MyBookie Review)

Three of the four wrestling sportsbooks are taking action on identical Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes betting lines. However, with one online sportsbook offering variance, there is room to shop the odds for the best payouts.

For gamblers who intend to bet on Roman Reigns to retain his title at WrestleMania, the most money can be won by wagering on the +300 odds of him winning at BovadaLV. Roman Reigns bets placed at Bovada will earn $0.50 more on the dollar than at the other books we’ve listed above.

Players who want to bet on Cody Rhodes to complete his story at WrestleMania XL can earn more for their dollar at MyBookie, BetUS, or BetOnline. Cody’s odds of -400 requires a $4 bet to net $1, whereas the same result requires a $5 wager at competing books.

Between the online WWE betting sites listed here, most matches are covered, with differentials in the WrestleMania odds that can be exploited for additional gains in almost all cases.

No matter when you place your 2024 WrestleMania bets, be sure to check around to see which book is offering the best WWE odds on the boards.


Author: Alan Morris