How to Bet on Dog Racing?

How to Bet on Dog Racing?

The first dog breeds took place in England in 1867. Originally the dogs were supposed to be trained for hunting. Nowadays, commercial dog racing, as well as betting on it, is strictly prohibited in some European countries. But Europeans can still place bets online on races abroad with some providers. Usually, it is greyhound racing. The Greyhound dog breed is most commonly used. The greyhound’s speed can be over 70 km/h. They chase after a dummy rabbit on the greyhound racing track.

How to Place Bets on Dog Racing at Non-GamStop Betting Sites?

On the non GamStop betting sites with virtual Greyhounds, select the sport of dog racing on the left. This can also be called greyhound racing or greyhounds. Since there aren’t that many offers here, all current races are usually listed straight away in the middle. You then select the dog race or dog track you want. A special feature of greyhound racing is that you can not only bet on the dog, but also on the trap. This is what the start box is called here. So you choose the number of a trap or the name of a dog.

The Most Popular Markets at the Greyhound Track

As just explained, there are also normal single, combination, and system bets for dog bets. With single bets, for example, you bet on a dog to win. If this greyhound wins, you have won your bet.

With combination bets, you bet on several events that may not be related. In this bet, all tips must be correct. That’s why the odds of the individual bets are multiplied.

You can win a lot of money with it, but you can also lose it. The system relies on several possible outcomes. For example, you bet that one dog or another will win. Your chances will be higher and your odds will therefore be lower.

The simple win bets are also the most popular betting markets here. But there are also place bets, just like in horse racing. The greyhound must therefore come first or second. With two-way and three-way bets, you predict the first two or three places in the dog race exactly correctly. Therefore, these two types of bets are also called Exacta and Trifecta.

Special Types of Bets for Dog Racing

The simple win and place bets have already been explained in the previous paragraph. As already mentioned, the odds are only determined by the bets themselves. They only appear shortly before the race. Before that there is “SP” next to each dog. Therefore, we are devoting ourselves here to special dog bets. There are a lot of them, so we will only list the most important ones here.

Head-to-head betting: You bet on two dogs. The dog that takes the highest place or runs the furthest wins. If one or both greyhounds retire, the bet will not stand.Favorite wins/doesn’t win: You place a bet on the favorite winning. However, this only arises from the bets that have been placed. So you don’t know beforehand which greyhound you’re betting on.Daily Double: Here you place bets on the winner of two races in one day before they start. At this point, you don’t know the odds yet. So it will be doubly exciting.Each-Way: You bet on a win and a place for a dog. So this one has to either win or be in the top two.Show: Your selected dog will place in the top three in the race.Across the Board: With this, you place a win, place, and show bet at the same time. If your greyhound wins, all three bets will be paid. But you also win if your dog ends up in the top three places somewhere else.3-way entry/Pick 3 up to 6-way entry/Pick 6: Here you bet on the winners in three to six dog races, either in a row or in any race.

Live Betting & Live Streaming for Dog Racing

Since betting on dog racing is most exciting when you can watch the race live, the non-GamStop also offers this. Most of the time you need to place at least a €1 bet on a dog race to activate the live stream. Providers like William Hill or 888sport even have a lot of dog races with live streams. If you are a beginner, just place show bets for one euro. The probability of any dog ​​finishing in the top three is very high. So you will probably win very often and can constantly be part of the live stream. Later you dare to make your first winning bets. They are the most fun with live broadcasts!

Where Most of the Greyhound Racing Tracks Are Located

As already mentioned at the beginning, commercial dog racing is not allowed in some European countries. These only take place to utilize the greyhounds’ capacity and no money is allowed to be involved. Therefore, you have to go to other countries to bet on dog racing. Here are the most popular places to check.

Great Britain

This is, so to speak, the homeland of dog betting. The first races took place here before 1700 and with them the first bets on them. Because sports betting is like good English people. They bet on everything. There used to be a real boom with countless dedicated stadiums. Today that has slowed down a bit, but the competitions are still taking place. In Great Britain, this sport is so professional that there are even doping controls for dogs.


Along with Great Britain, Australia is the most popular continent for dog racing. Over 40,000 races with over 300,000 dogs take place here every year. The betting turnover amounts to the equivalent of almost three billion euros per year. The Australians are really real dog racing fans. Even various scandals uncovered by animal rights activists could not change this.


There is a separate law for each state. But dog racing is still possible in most states. There are also a lot of enthusiastic fans there. Various restrictions have caused the races to shrink by half over the last few years. But the market is still huge and very suitable for dog betting. Today, greyhound trainers in the United States even have to be checked by the FBI.

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Author: Alan Morris