How to Bypass Country Restrictions and Play Online Casino Games

How to Bypass Country Restrictions and Play Online Casino Games

Online casinos are prohibited in certain countries due to various cultural, social, and political factors. Cultural or religious beliefs play a significant role, especially in countries where gambling is considered morally or religiously wrong. For instance, Islamic nations such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait strictly forbid gambling, aligning with Islamic law that views it as sinful.

Governments often ban online casinos to protect land-based casinos and other local gambling businesses to retain revenue and employment within their borders.

Restrictions can be frustrating if you’re traveling to these states or countries and you’re unable to place bets. However, there are two ways to bypass these restrictions so you can play your favorite casino games from your preferred operator.

Use VPNs to play safely

To successfully bypass online casino region restrictions, first do your research about the laws and regulations in your region. You should also be aware of the risks and considerations when using VPNs, including potential violation of casino policies.

If the risks are acceptable to you, there are several proven VPNs that you can utilize to access gaming platforms from your location.

Probably the most popular option is Nord VPN. It’s trusted by millions of users around the world to bypass country restrictions of streaming sites, online gaming, betting sites, and many more. Another solid choice is ExpressVPN. It’s got robust privacy features, it’s fast, and have no connection or bandwidth limits.

VPN Risks

As mentioned earlier, using VPNs in online casinos comes with risks. It can also be difficult as gaming are smarter and have adapted to VPN technolgy. Online casinos employ various methods to enforce region restrictions:

Tracking IP addresses* to determine players’ locationsImplementing KYC (Know Your Customer) identity checks to verify players’ identitiesRequesting *proof of identity and address* for withdrawals

Please keep in mind that bypassing online casino region restrictions using VPNs can lead to severe consequences. Popular gambling sites like Bovada, Stake Casino, and BetOnline have clear stances against VPN use and could lead to:

Account terminationForfeiture of winningsPotential legal consequences

Play games in crypto casinos

If the risks of using VPNs aren’t worth it, you should consider playing in crypto casinos. Crypto casinos are very similar to online casinos; they both provide a diverse array of games, including slots, table games, and other gambling options. Additionally, they offer various bonuses and promotions to attract and retain players, and implement robust security measures to safeguard players’ data and funds.

However, a significant difference between online and crypto casinos lies in the currency used for transactions. While online casinos typically deal with traditional currencies, crypto casinos exclusively use cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. 

Since cryptocurrencies are borderless, you can turn your local currency into any cryptocurrency and then use it to fund your bankroll in a crypto casino. If you want to encash your earnings, you can instantly withdraw your crypto to your online wallet and sell it for your preferred currency. No need to worry about gaming and banking restrictions in the area you’re residing. Using crypto to play casino games is also great for your privacy too.

There are plenty of regulated crypto casinos in the market today but one of the most trusted is Bspin. They market themselves as a Bitcoin and Ethereum casino, but they actually support other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, USD Coin, and other major cryptos.

Crypto casino risks

Crypto casinos, while offering the benefits of anonymity, low fees, and rapid transactions, are accompanied by notable risks. One significant concern is the inherent price volatility of cryptocurrencies. Players may experience substantial fluctuations in the value of their deposits and winnings, impacting their overall gaming experience. This volatility can lead to unexpected losses or gains beyond the outcomes of the casino games themselves.

Cryptocurrencies can also be intimidating and there’s a sharp learning curve for beginners. Managing cryptocurrency can be technically complex for inexperienced users, leading to potential mistakes and loss of funds.

Use VPN or crypto?

Can you use VPNs to play in online casinos? Yes. But is it better than outright playing in crypto casinos? We’ll leave it to you. Whatever your choice is, understand that online casino region restrictions are an integral aspect of the online gambling industry. Players must understand why these restrictions are in place to avoid potential issues. Prioritizing legal and secure online gambling practices ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all players.

Author: Alan Morris