How To Max Out On Your Opportunities?

How To Max Out On Your Opportunities?

If there is a question as old as time, it is what is the best way to beat the casino. We will deliver the answer to it right away, and say – there is no such way. Even so, players can use many techniques and strategies to max out on the entire gaming experience, especially if they choose to play at an online casino. And where can one find such tricks of the trade? Right here, because we talked to Anna Rosak, who agreed to share the most useful tips with us.

Rosak is an online gaming specialist from Poland who has been in the industry for over a decade. Throughout her career, she helped build many successful brands, did market research, and got familiar with every single aspect of gaming you can think of. The first thing we wanted to know is if there is an easy way out.

“No, unfortunately, all those who are claiming they have found the secret formula are deceiving you, because there is no such a thing. In the world of casino gaming, players can indulge in all sorts of genres and try to think of winning strategies, but one must never forget that the element of luck is the one that decides”, says Anna.

So, what can an average player do to squeeze out the maximum of what their money can bring?

Grab the No Deposit Bonus

Anna immediately suggests to redeem a no deposit bonus when possible. This can be very tricky as not all casinos have such promotions available, but with a little bit of luck, everything is possible.

“When you play with a no deposit bonus, you get a chance to test the platform for free, with real money. See how the platform works, get a taste of its games, and bother the customer support to see how they act under pressure” she suggests.

Rosak says it is completely okay to leave a casino if the no deposit bonus doesn’t fulfill your expectations. However, if it does, you will have to make a deposit to cash out. That can be done only if you read bonus terms and understand what they include, and proceed as instructed. A typical offer includes a bonus of free credits to be used on the slots chosen by the casino. Free spins bonus is hugely popular among Polish players (read more here). Usually we can count on getting from 20 up to 100 spins.

Play The Right Games

The most common-sense advice Anna has for all casino aficionados out there is not to put all eggs in one basket. She recommends carefully examining the available games, odds and RTPs, to make an educated decision rather than a guess on what games to play.

“It takes some effort, but it will be immensely beneficial. For instance, most players get intrigued by a promise of a great jackpot, without knowing such games are usually of high volatility and pay less than average”, she adds. Her favorite picks are blackjack and poker, as they give players more control.

Choose The Right Payment Method

At a regulated online casino, players will normally be introduced to a number of payment methods to use both for their deposits and withdrawing winnings. Anna warns not all payment methods are created the same, and some might not be as cost-effective as others.

“If possible, play in your national currency to avoid unfavorable exchange rates. Furthermore, look for safe, reliable, time-efficient and cost-efficient payment methods. You don’t want to be stuck with a method ready to suck out your winnings with high fees”, advises the expert. If possible, e-wallets are the way to go, as they tend to have the best payment conditions.

Stay Responsible

As one of the crucial elements to successful gaming sessions, Rosak mentions staying responsible. Frequently overlooked, responsible gaming helps players stay on track and avoid bad decisions.

“Know what you are willing to spend, how much time you want to waste, and what amount you consider to be a decent win. Then, use the safe gaming tools available to keep gaming in line. I know you think you can do it on your own, but once the adrenaline rush kicks in, it is impossible to say level-headed”, claims Rosak.

Cash Out on Time

The casino expert also mentions it is important to know when to stop and cash out, if possible. Apparently, plenty of players get seduced by a single big win and get cocky, trying to chase it for as long as possible, often with devastating results.

“Don’t let luck fool you. It will only pat you on the head, but never hug you. After you have achieved a big win, it is best to cash out, or if that is not possible, simply log out and enjoy your day. Chasing multiple wins can be rather dangerous and lead to addiction”, comments the expert, while keeping her fingers crossed you’ll implement what she just said.

Author: Alan Morris