How to Play Scratch Cards Seriously Online?

How to Play Scratch Cards Seriously Online?

Instant lotteries in the form of scratch cards are enjoying ever-increasing popularity. For several years now, scratch cards have also been available to buy and play online at non-GamStop casinos. But are scratch cards on the Internet legitimate? Is the payout of winnings guaranteed and what are the chances of winning? This article examines these questions in more detail.

Scratch Cards at Non-GamStop Casinos: Serious or Scam?

When buying scratch cards on non GamStop casinos, it is very important to make sure that the provider is licensed by the state. If you live in the European Union (EU), the lottery provider should also be licensed within the EU.

Many European lottery providers are licensed and supervised by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The MGA is known for strict supervision and, in our experience, regularly takes action against dubious non-GamStop casinos.

Some non GamStop casinos have also chosen to be licensed by the Curaçao government. However, Curaçao’s gambling regulator is far less player-friendly and pays less attention to the seriousness of its licenses.

Under no circumstances should scratch cards be purchased online from unlicensed non GamStop casinos.

How Scratch Cards Work?

Scratch cards are a lottery with an immediate winning decision (instant lottery). By “scratching” a special coating on the ticket is removed and you can immediately find out whether and how much you have won. With online scratch cards, the ticket is simply “scratched” with the mouse cursor.

A classic scratch card has several fields under which three identical values (amounts of money, symbols, etc.) must appear to win.

Buy Lottery Scratch Cards Online: a Good Decision

Just a few years ago, you could only buy your lottery scratch tickets at the nearest lottery kiosk or comparable acceptance point. Fortunately, that has changed. Digitalization has also found its way into the world of scratch cards. And it has a whole host of advantages for you. You can benefit from the fact that you don’t have to leave your four walls to play the lottery scratch cards online. You can scratch off a few tickets comfortably on the couch or crack them on the way to work thanks to mobile lottery online play apps. There are usually also convenient payment options such as Lotto PayPal.

Another advantage is the significantly larger selection. The scratch card providers often provide you with several hundred ticket variants online. Every player is guaranteed to find the right ticket for themselves. In addition, as a new or existing customer, you can look forward to attractive bonus offers and promotions from many providers. This wouldn’t be available at the lottery kiosk in your city either. In addition, the profits are often significantly higher. Of course, these depend on the respective game. For example, monthly pensions worth several thousand euros over several years and decades are available online.

How Do Online Lottery Scratch Cards Work?

Playing lottery scratch cards online is just as easy as scratching off the tickets at a kiosk. First of all, you can choose your favorite from the scratch card provider’s entire portfolio. As a rule, you can already see in the overview what stake is required for the scratch card and how high the possible winnings are. You can then buy the scratch card online and the respective amount will be deducted from your player account.

For scratching, most providers give you the choice of independent scratching or “turbo” mode. With the latter you save yourself the hassle of scratching and the field is automatically revealed. Various amounts of money or symbols are revealed under the scratch layer. Typically you need three identical amounts or symbols to win the associated amount.

How to Find the Best Scratch Cards Online?

If you want to buy lottery scratch cards online, countless doors are open to you. The various lotteries and scratch card providers usually provide several hundred tickets and also Lotto 6 out of 49.

You can search for topics that appeal to you most. All conceivable areas are covered thematically. This is how you can find scratch cards for different films or series. Egyptian-themed tickets, space tickets, and much, much more. In addition to the respective topic, you should also consider the maximum possible profit about the stake.

Large winnings are not always possible with small stakes. If you want to get your money’s worth, you usually have to invest a little more. Nevertheless, the ratio should be right. However, you can always look at the respective stake and possible winnings again before the game starts.

In this context, you should also take a look at the payout percentage. This indicates what percentage of the stakes are distributed back to the players. In addition, the exact payouts for a certain number of game participations are usually available to you. This way you can see how often the winnings are actually in play.

Payout Rates & Chances of Winning

You can always see a winning plan from reputable providers of scratch cards on the Internet. This shows how many scratch cards in a series there are in total which prizes are hidden under them and how frequently.

If you buy all the scratch cards in a series, you also win every prize on the prize plan. The result is nevertheless sobering: the payout rate for state scratch card offers is only around 50 percent.

The payout rates of private lottery providers are often slightly higher. However, only a closer look at the profit plan can provide certainty.


If you concentrate on buying scratch cards online from state-licensed providers with a solid license within the EU, in our experience nothing stands in the way of serious online gambling.

However, to have a predictable pleasure, it is essential to take a look at the chances of winning and payout rates in the winning plan of each scratch card.


How Long Are Scratch Cards Valid for?

A scratch card series usually runs for 3 years. The end of the term is always visible on the scratch card. But even after the end of the term, winnings can easily be redeemed within the statutory limitation period of another 3 years.

When Can You Buy Scratch Cards?

You can purchase scratch cards from the age of 18.

Which Scratch Cards Are Worth It?

You can determine which scratch cards are most worthwhile based on the payout rate. However, this is not immediately apparent and must first be calculated by dividing all winnings on a winnings plan by the total price of all scratch cards in a series. The scratch cards from state lottery companies have payout rates of around 50 percent on average.

Author: Alan Morris