Some Actionable Tips to Win Cockfighting Online

Some Actionable Tips to Win Cockfighting Online

Since players have started playing the cockerel game online, it has become hugely popular. Cockfighting is considered to be one of the sports that countless punters from all across the globe favor. Due to the ease of playing online cockfighting, also known as e-sabong, the majority of gamers have shifted their attention to it. If you opt for the online version, you will witness the fight between the roosters virtually instead of watching them pitting against one another in rings, known as sabungero or cockpits.

If you follow some actionable tips, you can easily win cockfighting online and begin to make quick money:

Place your bets only after you learn everything

If you happen to be a newbie and inexperienced in the field of online cockfighting, you should be aware of every aspect, including the legality of this sport in your place of living. This is a vital factor because many governments across the country have banned this sport. The government of the Philippines, too, has declared it to be an unlawful sport as roosters severely get injured and, in the worst condition, die too. Get onto different websites that propose free games so that players can use them to practice this sport. Only when you feel comfortable you can proceed ahead and invest your money.

Game on different games

Skilled and experienced online gamers always encourage punters to bet on various games so that they can save their time. If a punter places his bets on different games simultaneously, they might win some and lose some, too. Every punter should follow this vital tip before he involves himself in betting on cockfighting online. Punters should make it a point to place their bets on various matches simultaneously, and with it, they escalate their opportunities to win more.

Escalate your bet gradually

The majority of new players bet high even when they haven’t gathered much experience in online cockfighting. If you are the one who has determined that you should bet now, you must be aware of the money you ought to be involved in the process. Initially, you must begin with a small amount of money, and only when you gain experience can you escalate the amount. With time, punters get habituated to betting after they gain sufficient experience. When they bet more on some legit websites like WPC, you will understand this game more. Additionally, you can also bet better.

The effort of PNP to bring down the cockfighting online operations

The PNP (Philippine National Police) has admitted that it is going through a tough time bringing down the operations of online cockfighting, and Chief General Rodolfo Azurin, Jr. confirmed it. Azurin cited some technological restraints that are responsible for it. Even President Bongbong Marcos cites the activity of traditional cockfighting to be illegal. These are the reasons why people prefer to get involved in online cockfighting.


If you are interested in cockfighting, you are not alone. However, as this activity is considered to be unlawful in various parts, the best bet would be to rely on online cockfighting. You will find several sites to host this game; hence, you will be spoilt for a choice when you look for online platforms where you can play this game botheration-free.

Author: Alan Morris