The Next Eviction Is First Jury Member

Big Brother 25 houseguests Matt Jag Bowie Jane

Big Brother 25 houseguests Matt Jag Bowie Jane

Season 25 of Big Brother USA has entered the jury pool portion of the game now that there are only nine houseguests remaining. The odds for betting on Big Brother have shifted significantly following a new backdoor plan to evict one of the most favored contestants.

The following line for the BB 25 winner is being offered at both Bovada and BetOnline, granting gamblers the option to place a bet where the odds are most advantageous for your dollar.

Big Brother Odds To Win Season 25 (USA)

Matt Klotz +150
Cameron Harding +250
Jag Bains +450
Cirie Fields +700
Cory Wurtenberger +750
America Lopez +800
Blue Kim +1600
Bowie Jane +1600
Felicia Cannon +2000

Cameron Hardin +150
Matt Klotz +220
Jag Bains +600
Cirie Fields +700
Cory Wurtenberger +800
America Lopez +900
Blue Kim +1200
Felicia Cannon +1400
Bowie Jane +1600


We refer to this practice as line shopping for the best sportsbook payouts, and it is an advisable tactic if you intend to win as much money as possible.

For instance, if you intend to bet on Felicia to win Big Brother 25, Bovada is offering odds that are 400 points higher than what’s being offered at BetOnline. A $1 bet on Felicia at Bovada will win $21 if she earns a majority of jury votes. The same wager at BetOnline will win $17.

Shopping the odds is also available for the following Big Brother prop bet for the gender of the winning houseguest. At both entertainment sportsbooks, a man is favored to win.

Big Brother 25 Winning Sex


At both betting sites where Big Brother odds are posted, gamblers will need to place large wagers just to net a dollar in gains. However, a one-dollar win will only cost $4 at Bovada, whereas the same result will necessitate a $5 bet at BetOnline.

The next two entertainment prop bets are only offered at BetOnline at the moment. We’ve seen odds for the BB winner’s age at Bovada, but they are offline as of this writing.

Big Brother: Next Elimination

Cameron Hardin -220
Cirie Fields +155

Big Brother – Age Of Winner

Over 26 Years -200
Under 26 Years +140

If you’ve been watching the feeds, then you already know that there is a backdoor plan in motion for this week’s veto. We strongly advise that you investigate current spoilers before placing any Big Brother bets, as there is a houseguest near the top of the odds that may be targeted for eviction this week.

We won’t spoil it here, but you can follow the link to the Big Brother Network for valuable betting information that absolutely must be read prior to laying any action on the above odds.


Author: Alan Morris