Trump Vice President Odds Favor Kristi Noem, Tim Scott

Trump pointing at his potential VP selections for 2024

Trump pointing at his potential VP selections for 2024

The Presidential election is now just over ten months away, and Republican Primary results are heavily slanted in the direction of Donald Trump. Former UN Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is still in the fight, but any chance of success now hinges on a catastrophic legal outcome for Trump.

Trump’s campaign just scored another victory in Michigan and appears positioned to steamroll into November as the official GOP Nomination for President. Now that the nomination appears all but secured, Trump is considering his options for Vice President.

Recently, former President Trump revealed his shortlist of VP potentials, and they are as follows:

Trump’s VP Shortlist

Tim Scott – US Senator from South Carolina
Ron DeSantis – Florida Governor and former GOP opponent
Vivek Ramaswamy – Former GOP candidate
Byron Donalds – US Representative from Florida
Kristi Noem – South Carolina Governor
Tulsi Gabbard – Former US Representative from Hawaii

The inclusion of Governor DeSantis is strange, considering how the two went at each other for months on the campaign trail. Still, this time two years ago, DeSantis was the darling of the Republican Party, with many election betting sites suggesting he would be Trump’s running-mate for 2024.

Odds have appeared at online political sportsbooks projecting the eventual Republican VP, and there are moneylines for each of the potentials that Trump mentioned.

Republican Vice President Odds For 2024

Kristi Noem +450
Tim Scott +450
Vivek Ramaswamy +600
Elise Stefanik +800
Tulsi Gabbard +1000
Ben Carson +1000
Nikki Haley +1400
Byron Donalds +2000
Mike Pompeo +2000
Tucker Carlson +2200
Ron DeSantis +5000

SC Governor Kristi Noem is the leading candidate in VP prop bets across the board. Current political prop bets begin to differ after Noem regarding the order of first to worst.

Republican Nominee For Vice President Odds

Kristi Noem +350
Tim Scott +400
Elise Stefanik +500
Vivek Ramaswamy +500
Ben Carson +800
Tulsi Gabbard +1000
Nikki Haley +1200
Tucker Carlson +1800
Byron Donalds +2000
Ron DeSantis +5000

If you believe that Noem will be Trump’s pick, an extra dollar can be earned per dollar wagered by choosing BetUS over BetOnline. If Vivek Ramaswamy is your guy, place your bet at BetOnline and earn an additional $1 per each dollar wagered.

Political prediction websites have placed Senator Tim Scott as the current favorite. Depending on where you lay your action, betting on Tim Scott to become Trump’s VP will earn between $4 and $4.50 per dollar gambled if he becomes the 2024 GOP running mate.

The above examples illustrate the reason to shop the betting lines at multiple sportsbooks before betting on 2024 Presidential Candidates or any other political prop bets.

Restricting yourself to one election sportsbook limits your options to the political odds they’ve posted.


Author: Alan Morris