Wager On Will Smith’s Divorce Odds

Will & Jada at the 2023 Oscars

Will & Jada at the 2023 Oscars

For the past decade, speculation on the romantic arrangement between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has been a hot topic. There have been confirmed instances of infidelity, and rumors have always lingered that the two are involved in an open marriage.

That heat seemed to boil over at the 2022 Academy Awards when Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock following a joke he made about Jada. At that time, legal online entertainment sportsbooks created betting lines for a potential boxing match between Smith and Rock, but now they’ve got more significant props posted for outcomes that have a much higher chance of occurring.

In the days leading up to the release of Pinkett Smith’s autobiography, Worthy, on October 17th, she participated in a series of interviews that revealed intimate details of her relationship with Will Smith.

That unveiling of information has cast doubts on the remainder of their marriage. Entertainment prop bets are now posted at several online sportsbooks. Here’s one asking who will be Will Smith’s next girlfriend.

Will Smith’s Next Significant Other

Janelle Monae +800
Garcelle Beauvais +1500
Ashleigh Murray +2000
Rosario Dawson +2000
Solange +2000
Lupita Nyong’o +2500
Mariah Carey +3000
Sheree Zampino +4000
Taraji P Henson +4000
Gisele +5000
Janet Jackson +5000
Tracee Ellis Ross +5000
Kim Kardashian +6000
Naomi Campbell +6000
Gabrielle Union +8000
Jennifer Aniston +8000
Kerry Washington +8000
Naomi Watts +8000

The above line expires at the end of 2026, so if Will doesn’t publically announce another relationship by then, all bets are losers. Singer and actress Janelle Monae leads the odds with a +800 moneyline that’ll deliver 8-to-1 payouts on the dollar if the two hook up.

Bovada.lv will allow members to suggest potential suitors for Will Smith, and if they agree, they’ll create odds and add them to the above line.

There is also a series of specials that include odds for celebrity divorce betting.

Will & Jada Specials

Will And Jada To Confirm They Have Reunited As A Romantic Couple In 2023 +1000
Will To Announce And Name A New Girlfriend In 2023 +500
Will To Announce And Name A New Boyfriend In 2023 +2000
Jada To Announce And Name A New Boyfriend In 2023 +200
Will And Jada To Renew Their Wedding Vows In 2023 +2000
Will And Jada To Finalize Divorce In 2023 +400

According to the moneyline odds, the most likely outcome is for Jada to announce a new boyfriend before December 31, 2023. 2-to-1 profits are being awarded for that outcome.

The odds for celebrity wedding betting will deliver massive payouts, suggesting that the outcome is incredibly unlikely. A $1 bet on Will and Jada renewing their wedding vows will payout at $21 if it happens.

We’ve got a feeling that more revelations are coming soon, so it may pay off to place your wagers sooner rather than later.


Author: Alan Morris