What Is the Free Spins Bonus at New Zealand Casinos?

What Is the Free Spins Bonus at New Zealand Casinos?

Play free slots? With free spins, you can play online slots without paying. No costs, but extra profits. But how do you get free spins and where can you find the best ones? In this guide, you will get answers to all those questions (and more).

You can win this bonus feature by spinning enough scatters while playing, after which you can continue spinning with your initial bet free of charge.

With a bet of €1, your free spins are also worth €1 each. Only now you don’t have to pay for it.

And that’s not all: the free spins New Zealand casino bonuses feature often also comes with extra wilds, multipliers and win boosters, which can make it a very lucrative venture.

The number of free games you can get varies per slot machine. The most popular free spins slots are generous and also allow you to reactivate them or at least replenish them during the bonus.  

The best free spins bonus feature comes with many free spins and is linked to a slot with excellent chances of winning.

Why You Should Use the Free Spins Bonus at New Zealand Casinos?

Play free slots for real money: bonus spins let us dream of big prizes without having to pay (extra) for them.More chances to win, less risk: free spins give you extra chances to beat the house and boost your gaming account. And without the risk of losing your own money.Lucrative perks: the best bonus features not only consist of free games but also extra wilds, multipliers and other boosters that can increase your winnings.More sensation: slots with bonus spins increase adrenaline. Are they going to fall? And if so: what is the benefit?

Types of Free Spins

Bonus spins come in different types and flavors, just like the online slots they belong to. We briefly introduce the most important types:

Simple Free Spins

We speak of simple bonus spins if the free spins are simply a continuation of the basic game.  So no extra fuss such as wilds, multipliers or other lucrative features. Many classic slots, games that are trained on the good old fruit machines, use this.

Wild Free Spins

Looking for a bonus feature with better chances of winning? Then you better look at slots with wild free spins, free spins full of jokers.

These can be normal ones, but also jokers that stick (sticky wilds) on or jump across the playing field (jumping wilds). And what about wilds that cover a few symbols (stacked wilds) or even the entire reel (wild reels), such as in NetEnt’s success story Starburst.

All this makes it a lot easier to make successful combos on the available paylines and therefore cash in big.

Multiplier Free Spins

Multiplier bonus spins are free spins with multipliers, in some slots even without a ceiling (unlimited win multipliers). The latter is the case in Bonanza Megaways from Big Time Gaming, where every successful turn in the free spins bonus is good for a +1 multiplier. And since there is no limit, you can – in theory – boost your winnings incredibly.

However, there are also many slots where the multiplier you receive is fixed in advance and depends solely on the number of scatters spun to activate the bonus feature.

Free Spins with Respins

In many bonus features you have the option to reactivate free spins: bonus spins with respins. That’s of course great, because you want to keep playing as long as possible without paying.  Aloha! Cluster Pays is one of the slot machines where scatters in the bonus are good for respins. Every time again.  Anyway, the best free spins bonus features are free spins with all kinds of flavors to boost your winnings.

How to Get Free Spins From New Zealand Casinos?

To have a chance to win bonus spins, you first need an account at one of the New Zealand casinos. Then, you have to earn the free spins yourself. How? By activating the bonus feature in your favorite slot.

The procedure for this differs per lock, but there are roughly two ways:

By spinning at least three scatters: you may immediately spin an x ​​number of rounds without costs, whether or not determined by spinning a bonus wheel.By activating the bonus buy feature: you will receive immediate access to the free spins bonus for a fee. In most bonus buy slots you pay between 50 and 100 times the total bet for this shortcut.

Not all modern slot machines have free games.   

Fans of classic slots in particular will often be left hungry.

We therefore advise you to check before use whether the slot machine has bonus spins. Our slot reviews can help with this.

How to Claim Casino Free Spins at New Zealand Casinos?

To claim bonus spins, you must first actively play yourself. That sounds like a paradox: free spins in exchange for cash.

Yet the casino free spins bonus itself comes completely free of charge.

Therefore, see unlocking these extra rounds as an investment to spin the slot machine for free sooner rather than later.

In summary, you can claim bonus spins as follows:

Visit your favorite casino online;Choose the slot machine that suits you in the catalog – check whether it also has bonus spins;Meet the conditions, activate free spins and play without costs;Optional: use the bonus buy feature and get immediate access to free spins!


Casino free spins are not only particularly interesting because they give the chance to play slots for free, but also because they make you dream of absolutely fantastic prizes. Bonus spins therefore give more momentum to your playing session.

And the best thing of all: you can find them on almost all modern online slots, in all casinos selected by us.

So what are you waiting for? Look for lucrative free games on your favorite slot machine!

Author: Alan Morris