Make Your Best Bet On These Competing 2024 Razzies Odds

Megan Fox, Mex Gibson, and a 2024 Razzie Award

Megan Fox, Mex Gibson, and a 2024 Razzie Award

The final stop during the awards season on the road to the Oscars is the Golden Raspberries, honoring low points in theatrical films over the course of the prior year.

On March 9th, these films and actors will be recognized for their futility. Gamblers also have the opportunity to bet on the Razzies and win some money if they can correctly guess the critic’s worst selections.

This year, multiple online sportsbooks are offering different Razzies odds, opening the door for gamblers to find the best betting lines for their dollar. The following Golden Raspberries odds are listed in the order of BetOnline and BetUS.

Worst Film

Winnie The Pooh: Blood & Honey -180 / -140
Expend4bles +300 / +180
Shazam! Fury Of The Gods +800 / +400
Exorcist: Believer +800 / +650
Meg 2: The Trench +1200 / +900

Each movie listed in the odds for Worst Film of 2024 features differing probabilities for success. This leaves wiggle room for bettors to shop the odds for the best sportsbook payouts.

Worst Director

Rhys Frake-Waterfield Winne Pooh Blood & Honey EVEN / +120
Scott Waugh Expend4bles +280 / +220
David Gordon Green +350 / +320
Peyton Reed Antman & Wasp Quantumania +800 / +700
Ben Wheatley Meg 2 The Trench +800 / +750

For instance, even though Rhys Frake-Waterfield’s odds place him as the most likely winner, gamblers can earn an extra $0.20 on the dollar by laying their action at BetUS.

Worst Actor

Jason Statham Meg 2: The Trench +120 / +120
Chis Evans Ghosted +200 / +120
Jon Voight Mercy +500 / +300
Vin Diesel Fast X +600 / +500
Russell Crowe The Pope’s Exorcist +800 / +500

The common pattern in most of these entertainment prop bets is BetUS offering more profitable moneylines on the favorites, while the underdogs are garnering the more advantageous probabilities at BetOnline.

Worst Actress

Megan Fox Johnny & Clyde EVEN / EVEN
Helen Mirren Shazam Fury Of The Gods +190 / +150
Jennifer Lopez The Mother +600 / +500
Ana de Armas Ghosted +800 / +350
Salma Hayek Magic Mike’s Last Dance +800 / +600

Megan Fox turned in an epically sub-par 2023 and is nominated for her performances in Johnny & Clyde and Expend4bles. Even better is that Fox is favored to win both categories.

Worst Supporting Actress

Megan Fox Expend4bles EVEN / EVEN
Kim Catrall About My Father +300 / +220
Bai Ling Johnny & Clyde +450 / +400
Lucy Liu Shazam! Fury Of The Gods +650 / +300
Mary Stuart Masterson Five Nights At Freddy’s +700 / +500

Fox’s Expend4bles castmates are also getting some Razzies love, as Sylvester Stallone is nominated for Worst Supporting Actor. Stallone is in a tight race with Mel Gibson for Confidential Informant, and the odds suggest that either could win.

Worst Supporting Actor

Mel Gibson Confidential Informant +120 / +175
Sylvester Stallone Expend4bles +160 / +125
Franco Nero The Pope’s Exorcist +600 / +350
Michael Douglas Ant-Man & Wasp Quantumania +800 / +600
Bill Murray Ant-Man & Wasp Quantumania +800 / +600

Expend4bles is paying out even money for betting on the Worst Remake, Rip Off, Or Sequel, but a strong underdog contender worth considering is Winnie The Pooh Blood & Honey. The tasteless cash-in on a children’s classic seems more than tacky enough to top a fourth film in the Expendables franchise.

Worst Remake, Rip Off Or Sequel

Expend4bles EVEN / EVEN
Winnie The Pooh Blood & Honey +300 / +250
Exorcist Believer +350 / +275
Antman & The Wasp Quantumania +700 / +600
Indiana Jones & The Dial Of Destiny +800 / +750

The Worst Screen Combo Razzie winner is projected to be awarded to Exorcist Believer, presumably to the two possessed girls that failed to terrify audiences. Ana de Armas and Chis Evans from Ghosted are giving the Exorcist girls a solid run for their money and only trail them a handful of points in the moneyline odds.

Worst Screen Combo

Exorcist Believer +150 / +160
Ana de Armas & Chis Evans Ghosted +180 / +175
Pooh & Piglet Blood & Honey +400 / +300
Expend4bles (Any 2 Merciless Mercenaries) +600 / +400
Salma Hayek & Channing Tatum Magic Mike’s Last +800 / +500

Betting odds for the 2024 Razzies will likely remain online through at least the morning of March 9th.


Author: Alan Morris