Survivor 46 Odds To Win Favor Tevin Davis, Nami Tribe

Survivor 46 cast on the beach with a Survivor logo

Survivor 46 cast on the beach with a Survivor logo

Season Premiere Of Survivor Season 46: Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS
Tevin Davis Leads Current Survivor Odds To Win
The Nami Tribe Is Favored To Be The Winner’s Group

In just over 48 hours on CBS, the debut of Survivor Season 46 will air, allowing a new cast of 18 contestants a chance at the grand prize. Online Survivor betting sites are also offering up a series of grand prizes to gamblers who wager on the winning outcomes.

Who will be crowned Sole Survivor when production wraps on the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji? Current betting odds suggest that 24-year-old Tevin Davis, out of Richmond, Virginia, will win. 29-year-old Q Burdette from Memphis, Tennessee, is in second place, trailing Davis by only 50 points in the Survivor odds.

Survivor 46 Betting Odds

Tevin Davis +600
Q Burdette +650
Jemila Hussain-Adams +800
Jessica Chong +1000
Tiffany Nicole Ervin +1000
Ben Katzman +1000
Tim Spicer +1000
Venus Vafa +1000
Charlie Davis +1200
Moriah Gaynor +1200
Bhanu Gopal +1200
David Jelinsky +1200
Hunter McKnight +1200
Randen Montalvo +1200
Soda Thompson +1200
Kenzie Petty +1200
Liz Wilcox +1200
Maria Shrime Gonzalez +1400

Of all the legal online entertainment sportsbooks we’re members with, only BetOnline has Survivor 46 odds posted before the season debut. They are currently offering between 6.5x and 14x payout multipliers for perceptive Survivor fans who can correctly guess the winner of season 46.

Savvy observers will notice that a male leads the Survivor futures, and a female is favored to win in the following gender prop bet. How does that make sense? It doesn’t. These opposing odds reflect the entire field, suggesting that there are more legitimate female contenders than males.

Survivor 46 Odds Of Winning Gender

Entertainment prop bets are also offered for the original tribe of the eventual winner. The Survivor tribes are split into three groups of six, and the Nami Tribe is currently garnering even money at online sportsbooks due to the inclusion of Tevin Davis.

Survivor 46 Vegas Odds For Tribe of Winner

Nami (Orange) EVEN
Siga (Green) +150
Yanu (Purple) +180

Here is how the Survivor tribes are currently split:

Nami Tribe Members (Orange)

Hunter McKnight
Liz Wilcox
Randen Montalvo
Soda Thompson
Tevin Davis
Venus Vafa

Siga Tribe Members (Green)

Ben Katzman
Charlie Davis
Jemila “Jem” Hussain-Adams
Maria Shrime Gonzalez
Moriah Gaynor
Tim Spicer

Yanu Tribe Members (Purple)

Bhanu Gopal
David Jelinsky
Jessica “Jess” Chong
Kenzie Petty
Q Burdette
Tiffany Nicole Ervin

There has been no official announcement from CBS on when the season finale of Survivor 46 will occur, but it will likely be on or around May 22nd if the schedule runs similarly to prior years.

Keep in mind that any Survivor bets placed now will not cash in until around the end of May, with the exception of the winning tribe prop, which could conclude earlier if the field narrows down to members of a solitary group before the finale.


Author: Alan Morris