Bet On The Next State To Ban Pornhub Following Texas

Pornhub logo next to an image of Texas state

Pornhub logo next to an image of Texas state

Online pornography enthusiasts in the Longhorn State may have lost their smile now that Pornhub, one of the most visited websites on the planet, is no longer allowing access from within Texas.

The blockage was initiated on March 14th following an Appellate Court’s decision to uphold an age-verification requirement that Porhub was challenging. While entering your birthdate to enter a website for an alcohol manufacturer or tobacco company has been commonplace for years, TX now requires verification via a state ID number or a third-party operator.

Naturally, those who partake in the viewing of sexually explicit material would prefer to keep their activities confidential. Rather than put their users at risk, Pornhub has geo-blocked anyone in the state from viewing the site.

There is no direct banning of access to sexual content online at Pornhub or other popular providers by this Texas law, and it is not a violation of the right to free speech according to the latest judgment.

Still, lawmakers around the nation are no fans of Pornhub or any other site like it, and other states could follow this Texas template as a means to get rid of the porn giant.

Online entertainment sportsbooks are now taking bets on the next state where access to Pornhub could be interrupted.

Next State To Ban Pornhub Odds

Alabama +300
Mississippi +350
Louisiana +400
Arkansas +500
South Carolina +600
West Virginia +800
Georgia +800
Oklahoma +800
North Carolina +800
Utah +1000
Kentucky +1200
Virginia +1200
Florida +1200

Savvy readers may have noticed that the top handful of states featured in these Pornhub ban odds are located in the southeast. Conservative lawmakers in the Southeastern United States are certainly paying attention to what’s going on in TX, with Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas leading the betting odds.

Utah has declared pornography to be a public health crisis in the past, so we like their chances of mimicking Texas lawmakers in the near future.

Odds To Ban Pornhub Next

Missouri +1400
South Dakota +1400
Ohio +1600
Arizona +1600
Michigan +1600
North Dakota +1600
New Mexico +2000
Iowa +2000
Kansas +2000
Indiana +2000
Maryland +2000
District of Colombia +2000
Pennsylvania +2000
Delaware +2000
Hawaii +2000

Pornhub prop bets are paying out between 3x and 66x on the dollar to players who can accurately pick the next state. The next batch of regions featured in this entertainment prop bet is a mix of red and blue states.

While Michigan is by no means conservative, its leadership tends to headline grab. We like the Wolverine State as a sleeper contender.

Pornhub Betting Odds For Next State Ban

New Jersey +2500
Wyoming +2500
Idaho +2500
Illinois +2500
Minnesota +2500
Rhode Island +2500
Washington +2500
Maine +2500
Montana +3300
Oregon +3300
New York +3300
Alaska +3300
Wisconsin +3300
Connecticut +3300
Vermont +3300
Massachusetts +3300
New Hampshire +3300

This grouping is an oddball mix of regions, including minutely populated outposts and bloated gambling meccas. From these states, Illinois is a strong candidate, as its state legislature is full of grand-standing, big-city politicians who will not hesitate to adopt a nationally recognized stance.

Next State To Ban Pornhub Odds

California +5000
Colorado +5000
Nevada +6600

These final three states are liberal strongholds where locals have no interest in anything that threatens personal privacy. Nevada’s odds put them in a distant last place and are just one digit away from including the “number of the beast” in the moneyline.


Author: Alan Morris