Betting On The NHL Playoff Picture And Stanley Cup Winners

Betting On The NHL Playoff Picture And Stanley Cup Winners

The 2024 NHL regular season ends in less than a month, and the Stanley Cup Playoff picture has begun to clear up over the past few weeks. Of the 32 franchises in the National Hockey League, only three have been eliminated from the playoffs—the Chicago Blackhawks, Anaheim Ducks, and San Jose Sharks.

All other NHL teams remain in play for the postseason, setting up a potentially epic chase for the playoffs in the coming days. Here is the current NHL Playoff picture in bracket form, based on current divisional, conference, and Stanley Cup odds.

NHL betting odds presented in Stanley Cup Playoff bracket form for 3 18 2024

2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs – Western Conference

In the Pacific Division, the Vancouver Canucks hold a 6-point lead over the second-place Edmonton Oilers. This is the largest division lead in the NHL as of this writing.

Despite this status held by the Canucks, the Oilers actually lead the overall odds for betting on the Stanley Cup Finals in 2024. This could suggest that Edmonton will win the division and claim a top seed, but more than likely, the NHL futures are implying that the Oilers will win it all with a ranking of 2 or worse.

The Winnipeg Jets and Colorado Avalanche are tied at 93 points heading into the final games of the 2023-24 season. Online sportsbooks also feature both the Jets and Avalanche in a tie to win the Central Division, but Colorado has much better odds to win the Stanley Cup at +700 vs. -1400 for Winnipeg.

Other Likely Playoff Teams From The West: Dallas Stars, Los Angeles Kings

2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs – Eastern Conference

The Boston Bruins and the Florida Panthers are in a dead heat in the Atlantic Division, with only two points separating them. Despite being so close in the rankings, NHL Playoff betting sites heavily favor the Panthers to take the Atlantic in 2024.

NHL Odds To Win The Atlantic Division

Florida Panthers -200
Boston Bruins +140
Toronto Maple Leafs +4000

The New York Rangers’ lead in the Metropolitan Division is also 2 points, with the Carolina Hurricanes giving a solid chase. They may be close in the rankings, but current betting projections place the Rangers as a sure division winner.

NHL Odds To Win The Metropolitan Division

New York Rangers -175
Carolina Hurricanes +115

Other Likely Playoff Teams From The East: Toronto Maple Leafs, Philadelphia Flyers

2024 NHL Wild Card Teams

In the Eastern Conference, the Tampa Bay Lightning have 80 points and would need to suffer a late-season collapse to miss the playoffs at this point. The second wild card spot currently belongs to the Detroit Red Wings with 76 points, but the Washington Capitals and New York Islanders are within reach with 75 and 73 points, respectively.

Out West, the Nashville Predators have 84 points, granting them a 6-point lead over the Las Vegas Golden Knights. The Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues are within reach of Vegas with 75 and 74 points a piece.

Our NHL Wild Card Picks: West – Nashville and Vegas, East – Tampa Bay and Washington


Author: Alan Morris