CFP Odds Replace FSU And Ohio State With Alabama And Oregon

Nick Saban standing in front of an Alabama CFP National Championship Trophy

Nick Saban standing in front of an Alabama CFP National Championship Trophy

The same four teams have been included at the top of the first three sets of College Football Playoff rankings issued thus far in 2023. These programs have moved around a bit inside of the top four, but it has always been some combination of FSU, Ohio State, Georgia, and Michigan.

Last weekend, everyone in the top ten CFP rankings won their game and preserved their status, save for Penn State and Ole Miss. They’ve been replaced by the only two-loss team among the top ten, Missouri, as well as Louisville, who still has a slugger’s chance at winning the ACC and moving on to the College Football Playoffs.

CFP Rankings 11/7/23

CFP Rankings 11/14/23

Ohio State 9-0
Georgia 9-0
Michigan 9-0
Florida State 9-0
Washington 9-0
Oregon 8-1
Texas 8-1
Alabama 8-1
Mississippi 8-1
Penn State 8-1

Georgia 10-0
Ohio State 10-0
Michigan 10-0
Florida State 10-0
Washington 10-0
Oregon 9-1
Texas 9-1
Alabama 9-1
Missouri 8-2
Louisville 9-1

College football betting sites have their own set of rankings that are governed by NCAAF futures odds for the eventual CFP National Champions. The top four teams included in the rankings grant insight into who will make it to the playoffs, and two programs have been replaced as of this week.

Michigan and Georgia claim the top two positions in the CFP futures, but FSU and Ohio State have been jettisoned in favor of the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Oregon Ducks.

Current CFP Odds

Michigan +250
Georgia +300
Alabama +475
Oregon +775
Ohio State +800
Florida State +900
Washington +1200
Texas +1600
Louisville +15000
Oklahoma +25000

Alabama will likely face Georgia in the SEC Championship Game in just over two weeks. The winner will certainly be included in the CFP. Alabama is probably out if they lose to GA, bringing them to 2 total losses on the season.

Georgia could still make the CFP if they lose, which would spell trouble for teams like FSU, who have a much weaker schedule than the Bulldogs.

Online CFP sportsbooks place the Seminoles as the seventh overall team in the College Football futures, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the odds are stacked against them making the playoffs.

For instance, here is a betting line for the teams most likely to make the College Football Playoffs, and FSU possesses the highest chance of any program in the country.

Odds To Make College Football Playoffs

Florida State -275
Michigan -250
Georgia -230
Oregon -180
Washington +115
Ohio State +150
Alabama +160
Texas +240
Penn State +900
Louisville +2000
Oklahoma +5000

The four most favored teams to make it to the postseason also hold the best odds to win their respective conferences. There are still three more weekends of college football left to be played, so anything can happen between now and then.

Be sure to track the progress of the playoffs and the NCAAF odds by following our page dedicated to CFP brackets based on the rankings and futures.


Author: Alan Morris